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Ruby Insert 2.0

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READ the commandments. Last product photo. Mucho importante.

19mm outer diameter
2mm thick wall
2mm thick bottom
15mm inside diameter
16mm height

Made from 100% genuine lab grown ruby

This batch as you can see has a polish 1000x better than the first batch. This sadly came at a cost, but I believe the price is reasonable as this new insert is very very very compareable to inserts priced at $200+. I do what I can to get affordable products into the hands of a working man.

These are for the economical man, for someone who wants the function of authentic ruby for a reasonable price. Ball on a budget.

These rubies have been tested and WILL NOT CRACK or chazz or degrade etc if they are taken care of properly. If you shock your insert by changing the temperature too quickly/unevenly, I can not offer a replacement. If you have any issues with my gemstone products please contact me ASAP and we will figure it out and make it right.

These WILL NOT fit any thick wall 25mm. Only 25mm standard (2mm thick wall). Any fitment questions please DM.