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Clearing things up immediately, NONE of my products are made/sourced from Greece. Most of my products are from independent workers in China, and occasionally I will have some work from American artists. It is almost always listed in the products description. If you have any concerns/questions please feel free to ask me! I typically respond to DMs on Instagram faster than emails.

Shipping details:

The cost of shipping is price of postage + the price of shipping materials. I keep most orders under $4. I am working on bringing this number down very soon!

Orders are shipped same or next day

Tracking numbers are automatically sent to your email

Heat times:

I recommend a 30 second heat up and a 1:15 cooldown on most of my quartz, but you can tweak the number which I encourage. I recommend a temp gun (it does not have to me mine).


If you order the wrong product we cannot accept exchanges at the time. It just takes too much time at the moment for how busy we are currently but send us a DM/Email and We'll try and help.