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$55.00 - $65.00

HQ Faceted Gemstone Banger

Image of HQ Faceted Gemstone Banger
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25mm bucket
2.5mm thick wall
Faceted gemstone
Faceted bottom
Fully worked seal
Beveled top edge
Ground joint

These bangers feature a fully encased, authentic hand-faceted gemstone. You can currently choose between Ruby, Alexandrite, and Blue Sapphire. This is a 100% safe way to add color and flair to your quartz.

Ruby changes color with heat, so it can be used as a visual thermometer. Alexandrite is a CFL gemstone, meaning it changes color based on the lighting. Under LED lights it is a vibrant purple, but under CFL light it transitions to a blue-gray. The Blue Sapphire option is perhaps the most rare and hardest to produce. Each of them are unique and will have their own characteristics.