Greek Glass


HQ Fully Faceted Banger

Image of HQ Fully Faceted Banger

Yes, this is a $100 Chinese quartz banger

19 total pieces will be available, 9pcs 10mm and 10pcs 14mm. It is likely that these will never be produced again due to the price and difficulty. The original HQ banger started as the most premium, highest quality import on the market. This does nothing other than further push the limit of import glass.

The inside of the bucket is completely smooth, like a standard banger, and the inside of the bottom is completely flat. The work done to this banger is purely aesthetic.

25mm fully faceted bucket
17mm inner diameter
~2.5mm thick wall
4mm fully faceted thick bottom (ignoring the pyramidion/apex)
Fully worked seal
Beveled edge
Ground joint

Again, this was made in China, like the rest of my quartz.