Greek Glass


HQ Hybrid Opaque Banger

Image of HQ Hybrid Opaque Banger

The highest quality import quartz banger on the market. These are made by one artist from my factory and he only makes these for me. Other factories have tried to copy the fully worked seal but none have the skills needed. This artist has been working quartz for 30 years, and his experience shows in his work. These are truly the nicest bangers coming out of China.

25mm Diameter bucket
2.5mm thick walls
5mm thick bottom (3mm opaque, 2mm clear)
Beveled edge
Ground joint with etched logo
Maria above joint

Clear quartz holds heat slightly better than opaque quartz, but opaque quartz provides more surface area inside the banger. The combination of these two creates a banger that holds slightly more heat than a standard opaque banger, but still has all the benefits of one.